Day Dreaming

Feet on the Beach

Planning a trip like this involves a lot of day dreaming. It’s winter if you haven’t noticed … well it should be winter right now and with another “Polar Vortex” – sounds like a marketing term – we will be reminded of winter in an all too harsh way. Those …

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A few stops left.

We are getting close the completing our first version of the travel plan and specific stops. 5 locations left and some walking tour plans.  We are waiting on some responces from friends and family also. But it’s looking like a real plan now. Take a look at the calendar and …

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The Big Picture

As we are getting together all of our materials and plans and are developing exactly what this thing is.  The initial thought and still the big picture is sell everything buy an RV and travel the county. A simple statement but a crazy endeavor. We want to see fun touristy …

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Social Media

We have set up the social media channels that we intend to use YouTube (google plus by default), Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. We will add more as people ask for more.  Let me know what other forms of social media you’re into.