We are working with several options for funding the rest of the trip. As they are set up we will list them here. People have asked if there were ways they could help and there always will be. Below are some ways we need help now.

  • Financial –  We are working on fundraising so we can continue on the trip.
    • I am looking for work that will let me travel, or that is temporary  in the areas we will be located. – This is the longer version of the trip =)
    • We are setting up crowd funding
    • We are contacting business and churches looking for sponsorships or marketing opportunities.
    • Saving more money, something people don’t realize is that by going mobile like we have we reduced our monthly expenses by over 25% vs the lifestyle we had and are far more active.
  • Information – We need information as we travel
    • Do you know an awesome place to visit, a road less traveled but worth the effort, interesting landmarks in your area?  Share it with us. and @these50USA on twitter.
    • Input on the blog, facebook and twitter. Let us know what you think. What were your experiences?
  • Places – Places to stay
    • Know of a good place near you that others have stayed, let us know.
    • Do you have a place that we can park and at least get electricity?  We’d love to stay, we can hang as a group, you can go with us on outings or we can leave it at “hey, cool , so and so let us stay on their property”
    • Have tickets, access, or connections to places that should be on our list?  Let’s talk.
  • Prayer and Encouragement – If you are so inclined.
    • Not everyone who supports us or interacts with us has faith. That’s ok. We still love you and appreciate the friendship. Let us know how you are doing, and ship some encouragement and good vibes our way.  I know it looks like a big vacation, but it’s far more involved than that. It’s tiring.
    • For those that pray, please pray.  We feel we were sent out with a cause and have seen God work in our lives and through us. I can’t say that there is one reason we are out here, there are hundreds, we just have to find them.  There are times where I feel like Quantum Leap and we ask God “Well, why are we here now at this time?” and then in one way or another it shows up. – Sometimes I just wish there was an Al  and Ziggy to give me direct answers.

revised 11-18-2014

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