The Big Sale

Estate Sale – completed!

What a great, tiring, sad, happy, event.  One of the most tiring weeks of my recent life. it took over a week to recover from it. There were several stories that I am still collecting about the event, like the two ladies that filled a tub with random stuff and demanded that we sell it to them at a fraction of the cost.  They even swapped and removed price tags, and hid items in rolled up blankets. Gail sent them packing not knowing the full extent of their idiocy until we went to put every thing back. And the Old guy who hung out all week end with us because his wife had died recently and he needed to be around people. Or the German who has lived in the neighbor hood for years, and traveled the country with his family when they moved to the us before they picked a place to settle down. We met so many people that we had never known or bothered to know, like our direct next door neighbors who instantly became good friends. just as we were getting ready to leave.  I will blog about his more as the stories come together and are edited.

Here are the past details about the estate sale:

Feb 21, 22, 23rd 2014

Thursday 3 pm to 7 pm by appointment

Friday and Saturday 7 am to 4 pm

Sunday (1/2 price) 1 pm to 5 pm or until everything is gone.

As we are selling things I will start listing them here.  Thanks to all of you have supported us by both giving us money and taking things off our hands =)

This link will show what we have listed on Craigs List mostly sold

New – never used –  in the box Sprint Note 2 Sold

Used Sprint Note 2 Sold

Giant  tub of geo tracks Sold

Large Lincoln Log Set Sold

Awesome Ikea Table and Chairs Sold

3/4 Size Bass – Adult Owned Purchased New Sold

Large Tub of Duplos. – Donated

Below is a preview of what will be at the sale, feel free to email me offers and price suggestion.






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