Travel Plans

Our Travel Plans and Maps updated 10-21-14.

Here is where we have gone so far and for how long:

Kansas – 3 months we were there for family illness and recovery

Southern Missouri – 3 days  – we still need to go to go to St. louis and Jefferson City,  we will try and do this in the spring. between the freeze of feb and he burn of july.

Oklahoma – 3 days

Colorado – We have spent 2 months in colorado off and on.

Wyoming – 3 weeks

South Dakota – Western side 2 days

Utah – 1.5 weeks

Nevada – 3 days

Southern California 1.5 weeks.

Arizona 1 week

New Mexico – 5 days

Texas – 1 month.


On the horizon: Southern Coast, to florida.


Planning for a family of 4 and  2 cats. Time lines and Schedules. We will post our updates and links to our maps here.

First Half 2nd half

We will be adding in Alaska and Hawaii Soon. Also for a detailed daily plan see our budget.

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