The Big Picture

As we are getting together all of our materials and plans and are developing exactly what this thing is.  The initial thought and still the big picture is sell everything buy an RV and travel the county. A simple statement but a crazy endeavor. We want to see fun touristy things, historical landmarks,  visit friends and family scattered throughout the the states,  experience other states from a semi local point of view. It’s a vast goal. A lot of driving and doing. A LOT of planning.

WE have a travel plan and a general schedule, and an estimated monthly budget with some average costs factored in.  We have road maps, weather maps,  planning software, we have research, both good and bad things about what we are trying to do. We have our web site, a logo that is continual evolving, social media channels.  Our next stage of the plan is to actually lay out the specific visits to each state, ie where we will eat lunch, what we will see, where we will sleep.

This part should be fun we will announce our travel plans on Facebook and to all our friends and family. (we have already spoken to those individuals we have commitments to and worked out some exit plans) We hope to get enough input for at least 25% of the rest of our plan and enough of a layout to finish the entire visit plan by the end of the week.  As we work on this we will begin making a list of contacts for sponsorship.  The end goal is to start contacting potential sponsors early next week with individualized proposals.   Here in lies the all of it all. Can we fun this trip?  Will we have to work travel and extend the length of the trip? Will we have to postpone it? Will everyone call us crazy? Can it be done in this short amount of time? I guess we will see.

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