Day Dreaming

Planning a trip like this involves a lot of day dreaming.

Feet on the Beach

Soda Lake in Bear Creek Park

It’s winter if you haven’t noticed … well it should be winter right now and with another “Polar Vortex” – sounds like a marketing term – we will be reminded of winter in an all too harsh way. Those of you know Gail know that she hates the cold. We have spent a lot of time dreaming about warm weather and a lot of it an extended spring time! Yay!  If things go by plan A we’ll hit the road march 2nd. We’ll drive to California where it’s basically spring  compared to Colorado, then we’ll chase summer through the south and then run from it in the north. “Shorts and suntans for a year ” I say.  “well almost” says Colorado in October after we return to Denver.   “Fine, two extra months of spring and a summer that won’t make us sweat to death”  I say as New York in July laughs at me.  Regardless it’s day dreaming and fuel for the planning.

Ocean views and swimming in the beach! SoCal our first long term stops after a jaunt thought Moab and a stint in Vegas. We will rest for a week or two. (reality check put us at a week … but still)  Lego-land, Universal Studios, Tar pits, Hollywood and then the beach, walks on the beach, playing on the beach, cross fit on the beach, grown up time on the beach while the kids sleep in the RV – you know you thought of that too – .  Did I mention the Beaches.  SoCal, Gulf Coast, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Virginia beach and so on. Our travel plan put us conveniently close to the beach for a big part of the trip.

Lastly the open road – This is my personal day dream, stop and chill, never have to call a hotel, never again have to sleep on the hide-a-bed when visiting family, or spending hundreds in a week above our normal expenses to be there (What about fuel says the 35ft. gas guzzling V10) While we are at we  get to visit those that used to be close and spend some time with them in our own home we can stay with  them without staying WITH them. (I love you mom but you house is made for 2 not not 8 10 or 12, LOL)

You see my day dreams are conflicted with reality but full of day dreaminess.  What was the point of sharing this story?  I don’t know …  but there you have it.

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