Day trip to 16th street mall

2014-01-25 17.24.332014-01-25 15.37.51-2With These 50 we plan to make several day trips and hikes. We are posting to Facebook as the trip happens and uploading video about the trip on YouTube.  Since I am not a natural socialite who likes taking millions of photos and constant videos I have to train my self to do this. As part of this training we are taking more and more pictures and trying to record video through out the day trips.  Yesterday we went to 16th street mall via Light rail – The Denver commuter train system –  and made a point to record along the way. We started out OK and got video of the train and the small bus that takes you up and down “mall” and took some video along the way. Mid way we forgot about the video and just kept going.


2014-01-25 18.00.52

At the end I took some video but it was dark. We completely forgot to do the recap while we were eating. Truth be told I feel a little awkward about the people that get caught up behind us in

the videos.  So when we finally got to the light rail station to head home I started recording some more but because I had asked the boys several times about their experience they streamlined their answers to “everything” .  It was a great family day, I just need to remember to document it and be apart of it at the same time. We will do another trip

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