South West Missouri, North East Oklahoma.

Not all things go according to plan, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

2014-07-23 16.23.55

We have been sitting still in South West Central Kansas – as the locals call it – for some time.  It hasn’t been a bad thing, many prayers were answered while we were there – I got to spend time with my siblings and my mom, make new friends, and do some much needed to work to my Mom’s and my Mother-in-Laws houses – they live in the same town not the same house.  It has been a great summer for my kids to catch up with their aunts and uncles and cousins too.

The only draw back is the feeling of waiting.  Not that waiting is a bad thing- This is not a rant about problems with instant gratification – it’s just that we put in so much work and sacrifice to get on the road that once we got into the RV and got going we didn’t expect to sit. SO … we make the best of it and strike when the opportunity arises.  That opportunity has arisen!

Off we go.  Our path:  Winfield, KS to Dexter, KS, Joplin, MO, Springfield, MO, The Ozarks (Lamberts), south to Tulsa, OK, then to Oklahoma City and Back to Winfield. It’s been whirlwind of a tip, we have walked miles and miles, swam, hiked, shopped and eaten our selves into oblivion.  It has been Glorious, and Fantastic, and Tiring!   What are you going to do this week?

More coming soon.  Follow us on for a relatively live update then join us back here for our reaps and insights on the trip.

700 miles down 30,000 or so more to go. 

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