March 4th Quick Update!

UPDATE and TIP DATES:   Well, we came close to being on time. March 2nd has come and gone, and I think at est we will be fashionably late.  We are living in an almost empty house (estate sale went well, I am working on a post about it but have been so busy with work all i have is an outline and a few stories). We still sleeping in our own bed .. which is for sale =)  and pressing forward.  We are almost there.  There have been a few good things that have happened, one we are in a physical house during all this odd weather, instead of trying to make an RV winter friendly.  I had a few opportunities that have come up for local work that if they pan out will be a great blessing for the trip. On the other hand we have let several contracts expire, like trash, and internet, we are using them until they stop service.  We have friend and client who will let us park in their lot for a little while after we get the RV, so we have that potential going.

2014-02-28 15.50.45

We tried to sell the Jeep (our other car) but in the end, Gail was unable to let it go, and I was unwilling to force the situation.  She loves me more than the Jeep at least, but it’s above far more things that I had ever imagined.  Part of this is because we have given up a lot, and We feel that this vehicle was a gift. With all the sacrifices this was a good keeper, with 2% interest as long as there is continued cash flow we will be OK.   On the other hand we are not upside down on the vehicle and have a possible buyer if we change out minds.

I have started school again, and as usual am not putting enough time into it.  I have my first assignment due tomorrow and after finishing a paid project today, I will be able to put some time into that.  Gail is doing the same, only she has been a little more successful than I have been in this area. All in all we press on, not like a prisoner in a forced hike, but like one climbing to the peak of a mountain. The view is amazing, and only gets better. There will be payoff, and ridge line to walk, and more hills to climb, and this analogy has gotten too far extended for my tastes.

So with all that has been going on we have pushed the trip back to the 16th estimated.  We should be in an RV by then at minimum, even if my projects keep us here for a little while we will be on the brim of the adventure. With more uphill fight to go.  Keeps us in your thoughts and prayers.

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