We have been staying in our driveway for a few weeks. Our intent was to park at a friends business a couple of weeks ago, but our land lord who has our deposit has insisted that we pay through the end of the month out of our deposit.  He has been using the time to remodel insisting that the people who have come through couldn’t rent untill the 1st of April. 

I called him on it to little end.  Choosing my battles, we took the time to slow down and get adjusted to life in the rv. We still used the bathrooms and garage for storage and waited for good weather to deal with yard work.  … time passes…

There is finally a renter who is moving in this Saturday!  :)   that means we finally have our out date … : o  THAT MEANS WE HAVE TO BE OUT BY FRIDAY!   LOL I’d say that stuff just got real,  but its been slowly getting real day by day… but Stuff just got really real. Looks like our first stop is Golden Colorado.

We are ready. We have mixed truck load of trash and recycle  and storage.  We have to spot clean the house and deliver our king bed to some one (or find a buyer for the 5th time). We need to make reservations at an rv park untill I finish the job that has delayed our departure, and tie up a few loose ends. After that its on.  Its getting close.

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