A few days away.

A few days from our initial deadline we are waiting on feed back from another vehicle. When we started this we were told “Hey, well just check your credit and get back to you.” What happened was 13 credit checks later my credit dropped over 40 points and then I began getting feed back. The hold up? Ive never purched anything this big. SO why did I go through it 13 times … I didn’t; I did it twice, for what should have been a total of 3 to 4 checks not 13+.
So I want to interject here – I know posting financial details puts some people off but these are details that I didnt find when researching the trip. Its embarasing. You work hard for several years playing by their rules. Paying your bills monitoring your scores, once you have some purchase power it all goes south)

Back on topic – this many credit checks seems almost malicious.

Part of our issues is in the details of the trip. 2 to 3 days in over 70 locations. In less than a year. We have some funding and cash, but we are managing cash flow for the trip. We also can’t afford a break down. We could mind you but we would rather not and we’d like to stick close to the shedule. 

As far as cash vs credit. Part of it is a cash flow. Part of is is the fact we have paid off a significant chunck of debt from 5 years ago. Any savings other than emergency goes against old debt. We haven’t attempted a single purchase that wasn’t low enough below book qnd market that we couldn’t get out of it in 8 months with minimal cost. There is a slight risk but things are being accounted for, or at least they were.

Also being self employed our credit score was king, at a certian score no one cares if you are self employed. However after the events of this last month credit score is not that great. So everything is being taken into consideration. While there are several benefits to being self employed, Being considered creditworthy is not one of them.

If this last attempt fails we won’t be done yet, but will have a clear answer as to how we are supposed to go about this. We will recollect look at our options and continue to move forward. Will write some letters, and make some threats concerning our information was treated in this process. We will make a few reviews, post some strong recommendations and stay resolute. After all Lord willing we have a grand adventure in front of us.

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