Legoland Part Last

Legoland was a big part of visiting this area of California.  We had a lot of other things to see also, but this was a big deal for the boys.  We had a lot of fun.  When we got home (back to the RV) the boys let us know this was their best day ever.

While it wasn’t yet Halloween many places have multiple weekends on which they do halloween related events. Legoland is one of those places.  They even have a costume contest every weekend in the month of October. We also make Lego costumes almost every year, and while not exactly to scale, I try to make them close enough but ensure that my kids can move on their own.  We hadn’t planned on doing them this year because it’s a very involved task. (It usually involves measurements, calculations, artistic modifications and a week or two of work, everyone gets involved.)  After a bit of deliberation we thought it would be fun join the costume contest even though we were limited by time (we had 1 day to get it all ready) and space (RV … tiny … no place to spray paint). We had the torsos left over from last year and decided that in order to give it our best shot we would need to make legs and accessories, and completely redesign the torsos to something more fun and relevant this year.  We spent a good 18 hours over the course of 1 day getting these ready for the Halloween party. And while they did not win (there were killer costumes that required an entourage to let the kid move) it was a complete dream come true. We posted more abou the halloween contest and how much fun it was here.

Legoland california is also home to a water park and a Sea Life Aquarium. We couldn’t say we had seen the whole park until we spent time in both locations. I never thought I would be in a water park in October but it was – in MiKaels words – “AWESOME”  – Mouse over the pictures MiK helped me with the captions!

I know yesterday I said that I was disappointed with legoland. After spending almost a week there with my boys, I can say I am not at all disappointed. Yes I would like to see them put some repair and clean time into the lego builds that have been exposed to sun for years, sure the rides make it feel like a giant kiddy land, but the immersion in lego is what gets the kids excited.  Almost every line has a kids build area where they can build and parents can have some quiet while waiting in line.  Even the boring rides were made fabulous by the inclusion of lego.

on our last day we went back to legoland one more time to hit all the bits we missed but really wanted to see.  We also took the time to sneak through the legoland hotel and get our obligatory pictures of the legoland sign.  We had tons of fun,  well until we were all eaten by the lego lion. Mouse over these picture Zander Helped with the captions


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