Vegas Part 2 – Beverly is not my friend!

By 2:00 we had left the adventure dome and continued our trek south. Our destination was the Coca-Cola Store via the Bellagio fountains and the Venetian.  We caught the last minute of the fountains and not wanting to wait an hour headed to the Venetian.  We thought they would get a kick out of seeing the indoor gondolas and the beautifully painted sky.  I guess this is not a great attraction for kids =)  After a snack and some pictures we continued on.

We walked past Paris, it was under construction and the boys we underwhelmed and board we need to prove to them there was more interesting things ahead.

Their attitudes perked up pretty quick.  Even with the embarrassing photo with a minion. For the most part the boys enjoyed the sights.  Earlier I had mention the flippers,  as we walked by the they kept their distance seeing that we were there as a family, out of the 20 or so we encountered I only had to chastise one.  He quickly got out of my face and left us alone. From what we could tell the boys didn’t even notice them.

One amusing part of the walk was walking past The Pink Flamingo, There were some performers outside that said Hi to Zander. He was completely embarrassed. His cheeks and ears lit up bright red as he looked at the floor and tried to hide in my side.  We encouraged him that it was ok so say Hi back, but he wanted nothing of it.

Once we arrived at the Coke store everyone was tired and ready for a drink.  Coca-Cola has a something called around the world.  They give you a large tray of drinks that has 16 samples of popular drinks from around the world. Some of the are great, others are interesting to nasty.


As you can see we had some fun.  I felt odd taking more picture in the coke store, so we headed next door to the M&M store.

Before the trip I had a small collection of M&M’s, not enough that I couldn’t part with it, or put it in storage for a bit. But some where I have fond feelings for those little guys … and they are tasty.  There were plenty of photo ops, and an amusing 4d video about looking an M in Vegas.   The store was fun.

By the time we were out it was dark. We were about half way through our hike, it was time to move on.  As we crossed the street to head to NY NY. We snapped the some night shots of the city.

By this time our feet hurt we were out of water and while not out in some wilderness we were till in the desert, We headed to NY NY.

By this time the batteries were dead on our phones, and unfortunately Gails phone fared worse, and none of the pictures she took survived.  Everyone was tired and rightfully so, over 12 hours and 10 plus miles  logged on the GPS before it died.  We trudged to the the MGM then all the way to the opposite side to find the Monorail.  With that we headed back.

Everyone made it back safe. By the end of the night the boys kept saying how awesome it was to go see vegas. They could hardly remember the slow parts or how tired feet were.  When we go back when the boys are older we will have to take enough money to see the stratosphere and ride some of the rides. We’ll spend the day at the adventure dome and eat at the paris buffet. We had also planned to ride the roller coaster in NYNY, but every one was too tired once we got there. I cannot say all of vegas is kid friendly, but you can make it a good family vacation none the less. If you are concerned about the kids, stay out of the more risque casinos, and stay away from the boring grownup stuff like shopping.

After we were home and the kids were in bed, I went over to the casino we were staying at and had a little more fun my self. I ended up winning about $20 and bought a late night dinner for the family the next evening.  All in all I really can’t complain.

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