Hoover Damn!

That’s a big dam, enough concrete to make a sidewalk around the world, something about a structure to moon, something about a big driveway .. I don’t remember.  There were several different examples of how much concrete they used. For the time it was a lot, maybe it is now… I hope my kids learned more than I did, lol.   Alas, that’s not my job here. All joking aside, its interesting how they accomplished such a task and the difference it made  in the desert.   While driving through the desert later in our trip I can say I appreciate it.  If you want to read The Bureau of Reclamation  has plenty of information.

It’s hard to know where to start, if I follow my outline we are looking at another 3 page article and I feel like doing something different.  I’m not sure if at this point people are reading the posts or just looking at the pictures.  So,  for the Hoover Dam I will make this short and sweet and stick to our experiences. I’ll let the pictures and captions tell the story. After admiring the cool mosaic tile plugin I added to WP please make sure to click on the pictures, the individual slides have captions that tell our story.


After walking the Mike’s bridge we went back to the truck and drove the rest of the way to the dam. Parking was fun, some … dude … from CA took my parking space as I was pulling in.  I honked, he ignored me. While the Hover Dam may be a great place to hide a body, it wasn’t worth the delays so I let it slide. We found another spot, ate lunch and headed to the dam.  If you plan on going taking the tour, don’t take anything but your keys, wallet, and maybe a water bottle.  They claim they have massive scary MIB kind of security.

We planned on taking the tour.. I actually researched it before hand and we were ready.


After the museum we were allowed to go out to the observation deck.  You have to pay if you want to go onto the deck, and until the highway was built this was the only way to get sweet pictures.

The only picture from the bridge that survived.  The darn dead SD card is killing this post. We bought a new one in CA.

2014-10-07 16.18.29 (Medium)


The visit was pretty cool. I have wanted to see it since I was in grade school. We were all in pain from the vegas urban hike just the day before, but the trip was well worth it. We loved it and felt privileged to be there. If you had asked me month abou the hoover dam I would have told you it was on the list. Like most things though it was far cooler checking it off the list that it was seeing it sit on the list.  What have you checked of the list lately?

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