Travel Update – October 21, 2014

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Wow, I knew it would be busy and tiring and fun, but the scale of all that was beyond comprehension.  Here is where we have gone so far and for how long:

Kansas – 3 months, we were there for family illness and recovery, graduations and emotional support.

Southern Missouri – 3 days  – we still need to go to go to St. louis and Jefferson City,  we will try and do this in the spring. Between the freeze of feb and he burn of July.

Oklahoma – 3 days Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Ponca, and Kaw Nation

Colorado – We have spent 2 months in colorado off and on since we started travels.  Business, Weddings, getting started etcetera.

Wyoming – 3 weeks – spent time with family and did some exploring, it was a good time, and a good rest.

South Dakota – Western side 2 days – Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore, Drove through Sturgis. Still posting about this.

Utah – 1.5 weeks – I am working on posts about utah I never knew how much there was in utah on the cheep and for outdoor activities. There was also little cell service and while the terrain was amazing we also felt very disconnected, this is also why I’m behind on posts. well, that and school papers and finals.

Nevada -0 3 days walked the vegas strip, and went to the Hoover Dam. Tons to do for cheep and tonds to drop some bills on. No I didn’t win anything … well I won enough to pay for a dinner but that was it.

Southern California 1.5 weeks.  Spent time in San Diego, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, and LA, I haven’t even started writing about this.  We were so crazy busy we haven’t really recovered from this yet. We did post about the the legoland costume contest which was a last minuet entry and took us 2 days to get everything in line for the costumes.

Arizona, 4  days so far, Grand Canyon North Rim, and Phoenix then off to Tuscon.

On the horizon: New Mexico and Texas,   By then we will be done with the the south west! and will take a break of sorts in texas to fundraise and work and hang with friends from all over the state.

Have I mentioned I am way behind on posting which is causing confusion. Hence this post.  I was trying to post once an entire state was completed but I’m not sure people are reading the Mega posts (I’m not sure I would)  so I am cutting them down in to smaller bite size chunks.  However after utah, Legoland and my finals and final projects being due I’m about a month behind on posting.

Thank you all for taking the time to read, please spread the word!

– Josh

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