Stuck on I10 gives time time reflect

Stuck on I10 south bound from Phoenix for 3 hours only to be rerouted to another backed up highway that actually lost us all the ground we gained … time to get off and refuel people’s travel spirits with a little crappy food and some time out of the truck. 

I have told my wife about my worst nightmares, they involve spending all day getting ready for an event only to never get completely ready and miss it all together.  I live part of that dream every time we try to do anything early.  Today we hit the road at 9 We are now 5 hours into a 1.5 hour drive … I have suitable words. Lol.   Well, I have a few but I cant post them here =) 
In the process of all this I ask God whats going on. I reflect on things and take time to contemplate. There in lies the answer.

There comes time in our lives where we need to make peace with the process and not worry about the destination. We need to backtrack in order to regain ground. We need to stand still to gain the strength to move forward. Some times we even need to stop in order to start going in a different direction.  Other times it just takes time. We have to go through the steps no matter how slow or messy or painful.

No, I’m not comparing our silly little delays with real life messyness but it did give me time to reflect. So there you go.

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