Introduction to Golden Colorado and our next few weeks of posts.

We will take some time this month to highlight our home state of Colorado and some of the places we have been since we started on this journey.  Follow along on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and our blog this month!  We will lay out future planning, and fill in gaps from places we have visited.

First up, Golden Colorado:

2014-09-15 19.15.19

Golden, Colorado now holds a very special place in our heart.  It was always that semi cowboy / tourist / mountainish town just before the Rocky Mountains.  I never really spent much time there until we started on this journey.  We spent the first 6 weeks of RV life there as we were preparing to hit the road.  We also try and stay there anytime we come through Denver.

2014-03-27 17.12.26

There is an RV park nestled in the corner of Golden that is run by the city of Golden, right off Clear Creek.  Hence the name Clear Creek RV park! From her you can fish, hike, run, bike, walk to about anywhere in Golden and surrounding areas.  In fact, I honed my fishing skills nightly while staying about 6 feet from the creek.  We also walked into town on a regular basis to eat or walk, and for others … shop. (Living in an RV we really don’t shop much, there is no place to put anything and and our recent embrace of minimizing everything would be thwarted by regular shopping.)

We also took the time to walk / jog every morning – and sometimes every evening, too. Ride our bikes in the afternoon.   It was a good place to get back into shape before our future hikes.

We were able to participate in / watch several local events while staying there.  The Cardboard boat race, farmers markets, we witnessed a few crazy bike rides and runs. We also got to watch tons of people kayak and tube down clear creek. We even did a few upstream hikes the last time we were there.

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