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This post will become our About These50 page. Our original page was written before we started our travels, and quite a bit has changed. We are still following a 6 to 9 month travel plan but with a few rests and down times in between.

These50 is a project put on by Josh and Gail through Atkinson, LLC.  I, Josh, am an IT professional and my wife Gail is a student and stay at home mom -traveling mom now. We have talked traveling and seeing the different states for years, and more specifically put the project on the consider list last summer.  In November, 2013 things began to align and by December we decided to go for it.  Realizing our time was short we jumped in with both feet to get started.

2013-06-16 18.00.57You have seen the tag line These50 – a family of four sells everything to visit the United States.  That’s the big picture. We are vising major landmarks and historical events as-well-as some popular cities and some not so well known places. We have several stops where the intent will be to simply explore and find out what we can about the city. We have event days and itineraries that run us all over the area.  We will walk / hike/ bike to get around most places.  A good part of this trip is “We’ll See”, we’ll see what the locals say, we’ll see what the internet says, and we’ll see what it’s like.

We hit the road as a family.  Our two boys are MiKael, our youngest, and Zander, our oldest, 8 and 9 at the start of this journey (now 9 and 10).  We have two cats Consuela and Figaro – orphaned babies we discovered under our porch and, at my initial objection, raised for adoption; then adopted our selves. The big We, Josh (me)  and Gail (my wife) will be heading up the adventure. As you read through these pages you will notice that both Gail and I are writing on this blog. I will be the primary author, but I can’t do this without her input.

More information about our new life style:

This is a change in lifestyle not a vacation. No matter how temporary it is our lives are not on hold while we travel, we are living them day to day. While on the road we will all be in school. Our boys are home schooled and working with a mixed online offline curriculum. Gail is attending classes at Metropolitan State University of Denver and pursuing a Bachelors of science in Adult Fitness and Exercise Science and will be completing her last available online classes. I am working on my 2nd masters degree, and will be running our business while we travel.

We will use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media to document our journey. I’m not personally a social media user so I am investing a lot of time in these platforms. These platforms will help lay the groundwork for future projects. While we expected this trip to take about 6 months, we are seeing that the time involvement and impact will last significantly longer!

The question at hand is how much of what little you have, would you give to gain that which you could have never had otherwise?

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