Updates, Big State, Small Town

We just entered the last state of our west south west tour, in all 11 states down and 1 state current, 38 left. 11+1+38 = 50? Right?  We decided to visit all 50 was that the plan?  Wow that’s a lot of states.

We are in a small town in Texas for the next month while we work on repairs, fundraising, collections, school, and more.  We have been on the road moving and busy for nearly 2 months (maybe more, maybe less, I am losing track at the moment).  While we are always taking our house with us, but it’s still something to move every couple of days and tour as many things as we have.  For the time being this is our life, and our work. I don’t know if I said this before, but if this were a vacation I would fire the dude who planned it =)

Yes everything is amazing, it is also tiring. We can’t see it all. We must pick and choose.  To experience a place in enough depth though we must spend some time there, but we have to keep going.  We all fall in love with most places we have been. We are never ready to leave. But there is always more to see.  In a given week we are in the rv for sleep, breakfast and dinner (those 3 things are often optional too)  6 days a week, maybe 7. Sometimes we take a day and get caught up on school or work, or on the rare occasion sleep. But enough rambling.

Texas is huge.  I bet you didn’t know that, but it really is.  We are a states distance away from every major city.  If we were Denver, all major cities would be out of state, lol.  oh well. Its a Big state.  Once we recover a bit and build our funding base we will ravel Texas and continue on through the south.  While we won’t likely be in Henderson, we will likely still be in Texas through Christmas. Unless we can make it to Miami by Christmas =) I love the snow -don’t get me wrong – but, I don’t want none for Christmas this year.  (dibs on the song title, and yes I realize there is a double negative there, well just consider it a double emphatic not a double canceling)

Any ways, it’s a quick update.  More more more to come.


  1. Prayers for you all. What an inspiration!!

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