Mt. Carmel Junction Where Elijah Called Down the Fire!!! … or just where we stayed in southern Utah.

Need a place to stay in southern utah that is with in an hour of all that southern utah has to offer? This place is it.

We stayed in an RV park that was 10 spaces. It’s a good backing for an overnight stay and cheap place to stay bey the week or month. Our neighbors ranges from big horn hunters, overnight tent campers and long term full time RVers.

Mt. Carmel Junction is 15 minutes from the nearest grocery store, that store is in a small town that has one grocery store and one church.  The two gas stations at the junction close at 10 and after that nothing is open but the hotel checkins.  Even that person goes to bed at midnight or so. This sleepy town was a good short stay.  It was a pleasent time to get caught up on some school work and take a couple days of rest after several busy weeks.

The junction is also a bus stop for some of the southern utah northern arizona tour busses. The bus loads of individuals that come through the area keep all of the small businesses in this area in business.If you stand on the street corner and look in any direction you will see 3 unique landscapes.  Not to mention a 9 hole golf course!

If you stop by the area have some ho-made pies at the thunderbird restaurant, if you are in an rv try stop in the Best Western and try and get a spot in the rv park for a few nights, play your free round of golf  and enjoy the pool.  In september the Hot Tub is amazing after night fall. This time of year in the desert, it can be 100 degrees during the ay and low 40’s at night. After a hot tiring day it was nice to soak in the hot water and feel refreshed by the cold air. It was also one of the cleanest clearest spas we have ever been in.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures* but the scenery is beautiful and it was our launching point for Zion, Pink sand dunes, Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bryce canyon and much more.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to explore everything this area had to offer. It would take several month to see all there was to see and even then you only be scratching the surface.

*After finishing this article up, I went through the pictures and realized that the pictures gail took are missing.  She had a SD card failure shortly after taking the pictures and internet was so bad in the area that even after a week they never made it to dropbox,   So here are the images I have from Mt Carmel … lol


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