Carlsbad Caverns! OMwow.

I was having a hard time deciding how to write this post.  A list post couldn’t do it justice, a photo essay will just be dark and blurry. I want to do something different.  Can I tweet it out?  I wonder?  Well, I guess I will try.  Over the next 8 hours I will tweet about our experience and embed it in this post for all eternity. Chime in if you want #t50cbc for These 50 CarlsBad Caverns

We were invited to a rare treat later that night.  It was november and the bats were still flying.  They are usually out by the end of October. While it was a mild flight compared to summer it was still a great experience for the boys.  As we walked back to the RV the boys exclaimed that this was their new best ever!  IT was a close tie with every other day we have traveled.

Time to head to Texas!

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