Triceratops Trail – Golden colorado.

Triceratops trail is a geological point of interest where footprints have been found in the the walls of rocks jutting up from the ground.  The theory is that the dinosaurs walked on these rocks that later shifted  due to changes in the soil.  The result is some fascinating sights near the School of Mines. There are also several geological stops around the area that are worth looking at.

We made this little trip at the beginning of our journey, it’s interesting to look back at it, if feels like years ago.  The hills were challenging and we climbed on things that were scary for the boys then but are minor now after some of our experiences.

From the RV park it was a relatively short ride up hill past the football fields of the the School of Mines.

An over all ooverallr thought on this place. It is worth the walk / ride.  We had talked about doing things like this when we lived in Denver, but with our stuff and our busy lives we never actually made it out here.  I imagine a lot of people have those same issues, I wish we had spend more time out, but then again, here we are spending all our time out now, so no regrets I suppose. As long as time holds out there is time for changes, we just can’t be sure about how much time is really left.




Here is some more detailed information about the sight. This is not my work and I had no desire to remake this information. If you are interested in more information this is for you. i thought it was interesting.

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