Savannah Georgia River Walk – “Why in the hell would you do that?”

From an RV standpoint, Savannah was an odd stop, especially while dry camping during this portion of the trip. The low hanging tree branches were, at times, nerve racking.  The streets are narrow, but clearly marked as to weather or not big vehicles were allowed.  We began to get more comfortable going to odd spots with the RV and were getting better at getting in an out.

Savannah was pretty, littered with small squares and an interesting bike ride.  We chose to bike so we could cover the distance better. We ended up parking the RV on E. Broodmare St. Near Hartridge St.  We talked to a few people who were walking by in order to get the layout of the land. We had to assure some that we were not staying the night there – as they demanded that we didn’t.  Others we had to assure that we really didn’t have cash to hand out, from our pockets or from inside the trailer. Others didn’t mind giving guidance. The social interaction in this area of town was odd.  The concept of our endeavor was completely foreign to every one who walked by and asked us questions. One exacerbated older southern man who stopped us to ask questions exclaimed “Why in the hell would you do that!”.  It took a while to get locked down and on to the bikes.


Once we were on the bikes we were off. We biked from our parking spot to East river street – The Savannah River Walk. We spent about an hour slowly biking / walking down the river walk. East river street is a super narrow stone road.  Hard to walk on let along bike. we spent most of our time gliding on pedestrian walk ways, hopping on and off our bikes at little sites here and there. In John P Rousakis River front plaza there is a lot of goings on, from the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria  giving tourist river tours, to buskers and singers using the amazing acoustics of the river facing buildings to entertain on lookers / listeners.   Some time I want to drag Phoebe Muldrow down there to listen to her sing.

The river walk isn’t all Savannah has to offer to onlookers.   There is an upper walk and a lower walk, so you can start on the lower end and return on the upper.  From the upper walk you can venture out in to savanna just about any where and run in to one of their many squares.  Small patches of pedestrian parks scattered through out.  Some squares had shops others had sculptures and art, scenic trees. All are worth a walk through, none allowed cyclists. We spent several hours exploring the different squares and scenery / architecture around them.

As with most of our stops there was far more to see and do than we had time or money for.


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