Lessons Learned

Gail and I spent a lot of time traveling in the car before and immediately after we were married. We drove from St. Louis to Denver, via southern Kansas almost regularly.  some times as often as twice a month. We drove to Portland, Oregon and Indianapolis, Indiana. We were in our 20’s, had barely enough money for gas and never drove good vehicles.  In-fact off the top of my head we have owned over 40 vehicles … I have a list somewhere that I will share eventually … and only 6 have been year 2000 or newer and less that 10 years old at the time of owning them.  Bad tires, bad ac, adding oil like the asphalt needed it, these vehicles were disposable. One would break down I’d push it to the nearest parking lot and toss a reused for sale sign in it and walk home or where ever I was headed at the time.  Not every car was sold some were fixed at midnight, changing anything from spark plugs, fuel filters, alternators, distributors, and tires, OMG did I change, patch , and fix-a-flat a lot of tires along the way.  Travel stories.  We have a few of those we will be sharing along the way … stay tuned.


On another note, I have been sick and after the holidays getting some clients caught up on work. We are 99 percent done with our travel and visitation planning and looking to fill in some holes.  Like a friend who mentioned Northern Michigan I had Detroit but not the other end which is, as I hear, magical.  So post your thoughts.


  1. I like the phrase, ” adding oil like the asphalt needed it ” paints a nice mind picture.

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