Last Stop in Missouri

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After a whirlwind two days, hungry and tired, we eagerly awaited our last stop in Missouri. This is by far one of my favorite places to eat, also in the ozarks. The home of the throwed rolls.  LAMBERTS! – no this isn’t a paid spot we just love this place.

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We have been to Lamberts several times, it a must stop whenever our travels bring us within an hour of one of the two locations.  Each time is as enjoyable as the last.

Off the bat there are a few things people need to know. 1st its cash only. Yes really cash only. In the age of square, paypal, and heavy competition by card companies its still cash only.  Also its reasonably priced considering the portions and all the extras,  but expect to drop a minimum of 65 for a family of 4.   Then there is the line.  In general expect to wait outside for a minimum of 1 hour some times 2. On the rare occasion we have been seated in 30 minuets, but its so popular you just expect to wait.

Now why is it our favorite places to eat? Its fun and crazy and loud and the food is great.  Every meal comes with fixings and pass arounds.  The staff literally walks around with giant pots of fried onions and potatoes, Tomato macaroni, fried okra, sorghum molasses and everyone’s favorite throwed rolls.

What are throwed rolls? If you are so inclined when the cart enters you area raise your hand or give a hollar and the able bodied roll server will throw a giant hot fluffy nearly half pound roll at you from a cross the room.   The goal is to catch it. If you miss they’ll throw a new one. If they miss beware =) its part of the fun.

The rest of the food is amazing as well. Although I cant remember not ordering the gigantic chicken fried steak, everything else looks equally fantastic.  The pictures here tell story better than I ever will.


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