And COWS! Coral Pink Sand Dunes

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Coral Pink Sand Dunes.  I didn’t even know it existed.  Well I saw it on a map but didn’t pay much attention to it until we stayed at Mt Carmel Junction. Every one there said it was a must stop and after the Sand dune arch my kids were super ecstatic to find more pink sand.

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The park is a relatively small one. You can see the borders from the middle, well from the top of the biggest sand dune you can.  You can rent equipment or bring your own, anything from sand boards, or sleds to ATVs. You can even camp there if you wish. But remember sand is sand is everywhere.  We brought our own “sleds”  thinking it might work, Trashbags and cardboard – they work awesome on grass, but crap on sand.  When all else fails it’s fun to toss your self off a dune and down the hill =)

We hadn’t hit the beech yet but the recent rain storms left some decent wet sand to play with.  Yep that right, what else did you expect, next time well make sure we have plenty of tools.

If you stay long enough you’ll be treated to a beautiful sunset as well.

Oh ya, and Cows =)  There are tons of cow signs along the highways that show pictures of cows.  On our way back from the sand dunes we discovered why.

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